Sunday, May 18, 2008

No, I'm the greatest

Our music is the our music is the best...we dont think it's as cut and dry as being American vs. British, Male vs. Female but there is some truth in those observations.
excerpts from an article read this morning on the BBC website:

Boasting used to be a very un-British trait - but in a world of work where its hard to measure one employee against another, it's increasingly important, says Lucy Kellaway.

Humility - one of the seven virtues - rules out bragging about how many sea monsters you have slain or discussing the vastness of your IQ on national TV. boasting is back with a vengeance and is seen as cool. Pop songs used to be about love of other people, but now they are about love of self: The rapper R Kelly sings "I'm the World's Greatest", and Christina Aguilera responds with "I am beautiful, in every single way…"

Bigging up

The self-esteem movement has a lot to answer for by dictating that unless we learn to love ourselves we won't be able to love others, which strikes me as an extraordinary hypothesis. Where is the proof?

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