Wednesday, November 11, 2009

20 years since the Berlin Wall fall...& the birth of Reinforced Records!

4hero - Marc Mac alongside the MC MG tearing up Club Maria in Berlin with an old skool Reinforced dj set.
Still spinning the rivets 20 years down the line, R till the end, original blueprint no imitation.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Time has come - new 4hero album talk

Ok so while we figure out what we're gonna do on the next 4hero album (2010 fingers crossed) we have a little something for you to deal with in the mean time. EXTENSIONS wasn't really planned, it just happened. On my DJ travels around Europe I kinda put the idea out to a few artists and they came back with positive vibes and interest, add a few new cats that I found through FB and Myspace and we have EXTENSIONS.

some of the players.

EXTENSIONS is not a remix album but an extension of 4hero music in the form of cover versions, no artists got any parts or files it's just pure vibrations. Who knows maybe we can make this a series and compile part 2 with a USA vibe now that Dego spends much time in NYC.

It's officially released on 19th October but i have noticed it's hit the streets already.

01. Sonar Kollektiv Orchester – Universal Love
02. Nu Tropic – Why don’t you talk?
03. Landau Orchestra – Conceptions
04. Christian Prommer’s DrumLesson – Planeteria
05. Robert Mitchell 3io – Third Stream
06. Ayanna Witter Johnson – Give In
07. Luke Parkhouse with The Sharkfood Orchestra – Blank Cells
08. Christian Badzura & Liverpool Session Orchestra – Sophia
09. Andre Zimma vs Ye:Solar feat. Oezlem – Cosmic Tree
10. Vince Vella’s Cuban Collective – People Always Criticize Us
11. The Sub Ensemble – Humans
12. [re:jazz] – Star Chasers

big up the cru behind the scene. Decoy (Raw Canvas), Grace @ Lilac , PIAS, Radical PR.

Ayanna Witter-Johnson's 'Give In'

also check out.

Dego In Brooklyn

Peace...Marc Mac.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Paris, October 2nd 2009

Marc Mac with MC MG probably spin in Paris more than London, we have a loyal following there who come to every gig, from the Twisted Funk parties we did at the Rex & Djoon to the recent gigs at Batofar & La Bellevilloise they always show us love.

this recent trip was no exception, accompanied by the BugzInTheAttic(Afronaught,
Kaidi Tatham, MaRk FoRcE & Bembe Segue on vocals) Paris got hurt Friday.

"who can make your dance jam? ...4hero can!"...MC MG.

for dj bookings contact 4hero(at)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Abbey Road

Saturday August 8th 2009, 4hero - Marc Mac & MG just finished a dj set for Alex Phountzi's 'Download This' @ The Westbury, Kilburn High Road...nowt better to do than fly round to Abbey Road and recreate a pic by the Fab 4 on the 40th anniversary of their famous album cover shot...who cares if its 3am???

Decoy said he should have brought the SLR but the pic is tough still!

(L to R) - Marc Mac(4hero), Paul Adams, Carlous, Tony P, G-man, MG.
photo by Decoy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marc Mac - In Between The Lines EP - out now!

in between the lines - marc mac

on iTunes & Other Stores, produced by Marc Mac featuring Phonte of Little Brother/Foreign Exchange, T.R.A.C, Roshin of Notes to Self, Preach & Voice. For more info visit the Omniverse Records site.

in between the lines - marc mac
"Take A Trip" featuring Phonte of Little Brother/Foreign Exchange

in between the lines - marc mac
"Radio Heroes" featuring T.R.A.C

in between the lines - marc mac
"I'm Outta Here" featuring Preach

in between the lines - marc mac
"This Life" featuring Roshin of 'Notes to Self

in between the lines - marc mac
"Roll The Dice" featuring Voice

look out for the full length album by T.R.A.C produced by Marc Mac later in the year!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear James, With Love, Orsi

rest in peace a great inspiration, we played as we always have done and hopefully always will, at the Doctors Orders J.Dilla Saved My Life 09 event @ Cargo, London...this year was packed as ever, the love inside the venue was heartfelt...long may his legacy continue.

Orsi says it the link.

Monday, January 12, 2009

welcome to 2009...The struggle continues

a rare interview with one of the most positive influences on our musical life journey...

Unedited transcript of Mark Fisher's interview with Underground Resistance's Mike Banks, which formed the basis of November 2007 issue's cover feature

Wire: Have Galaxy 2 Galaxy permanently changed their name to Universe 2 Universe?

Mike: Galaxy 2 Galaxy was one era of High Tech jazz and now, with the addition of a couple of new members of the band, De'Sean Jones and Jon Dixon, I decided that Galaxy was what it was the Universe is what it is right now. And their 19 years old and 23 years old perspective is different, young, and brings really new energy, so I think the band has moved on.

Wire: That brings me onto the next question. How do you get new artists? Do they come to you, or do you search them out?

Mike: Kinda both. I'm just happy that I've been blessed not to DJ. And by me saying that I mean I'm at home a lot more. Now that Cornelius is our manager, we've been travelling more than I did early in my career. The thing with UR is by me not DJing, I'm home all the time, so whereas maybe the other guys are always on the road out DJing, I'm there. I hear all of the new crazy freaky stuff...for the full article go to