Monday, January 12, 2009

welcome to 2009...The struggle continues

a rare interview with one of the most positive influences on our musical life journey...

Unedited transcript of Mark Fisher's interview with Underground Resistance's Mike Banks, which formed the basis of November 2007 issue's cover feature

Wire: Have Galaxy 2 Galaxy permanently changed their name to Universe 2 Universe?

Mike: Galaxy 2 Galaxy was one era of High Tech jazz and now, with the addition of a couple of new members of the band, De'Sean Jones and Jon Dixon, I decided that Galaxy was what it was the Universe is what it is right now. And their 19 years old and 23 years old perspective is different, young, and brings really new energy, so I think the band has moved on.

Wire: That brings me onto the next question. How do you get new artists? Do they come to you, or do you search them out?

Mike: Kinda both. I'm just happy that I've been blessed not to DJ. And by me saying that I mean I'm at home a lot more. Now that Cornelius is our manager, we've been travelling more than I did early in my career. The thing with UR is by me not DJing, I'm home all the time, so whereas maybe the other guys are always on the road out DJing, I'm there. I hear all of the new crazy freaky stuff...for the full article go to