Sunday, March 30, 2008

UK artists doing it big!

this past week has been a significant one for UK music so it's only right that we give props to Estelle at #1 in the UK Charts. her track from a few years back '1980' had the potential to hold the top spot but never made it and with the lifespan of artists being shorter than ever these days it's good to see her persevere and get there in the end...well done!

on the reality show tip now, Leona Lewis became the 1st British Female artist to top the U.S. Billboard chart in some 20 years...and she didnt need any headline grabbing party binges to do it...just a small appearance on Oprah.

it's refreshing to see 'good' people with clean cut images getting their props this year...nothing personal against those that choose to intoxicate themselves but it was getting a little too acceptable with little shock value attached to people doing drugs upfront...says the guys who brought you one of the biggest rave anthems from back in the day 'Mr. Kirks Nightmare'...would you believe us if we told you we dont sniff, inject, smoke or even drink?

anyway...congratulations to them both...there, we said it!

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